Our 1-year lunch package promotion has now expired.  We started our lunch package  promotion on August 1, 2014.  We will not advertise our lunch package promotion within our    restaurant, but we will honor all request for it  within the restaurant while dining in during the next 6 months.  Our happy hour will  continue as usual; all sushi rolls during our happy hour will continue to be given at 15% off  immediately and a member benefit credit will be given for the sushi roll purchase.  After 10  sushi roll credits you will given a you“Free sushi roll”.

 Thank You
 Ni Hao Sushi Management

Valentine's Day Special Menu.  

Valentine's Day at Ni Hao Sushi & Dining Meal will officially start at 5 pm. At 5 pm we will have live entertainment. Up until 4:30 pm on this day we will have open menu where all restaurant food dining is made available. As of 5 pm we will begin our Valentine's special event menu dining. "Take Out" will still be available after 5 pm but it will be limited to "Sushi Bar Items".

Best Regards & Happy Valentine's Day

Godzilla has left "Japan" and landed in Palmdale, California.  Fortunately we were able to capture her before she hurt anyone.  Godzilla is now quietly being served at NI Hao Sushi & Dining.  Jay & Kim, a 3 letter couple, enjoyed the capture and dining with our humble Godzilla & Fire Roll.  We at Ni Hao Sushi & Dining thank the couple for their kindness & warmth in sharing a special dining moment with us and all of you who view their photo.

about our "Sushi Picnic Lunch Meal"

It is a "Curbside To Go Program"  During the hours and days when the "Sushi Picnic Lunch Meal" is available" In House Dining" is restricted and used only for "Privite Dining Events".  That would be company, school, office party, pharmaceutical, graduation, birthday, anniversary, and special occasions.  Reservation are made by calling 661-236-0000 or email at info@nihoasushi.com.  Special Menu Setups are possible with special time frame scheduling. 

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Palmdale, California
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Ni Hao Sushi & Dining has quickly become a community hub where guests discover all kinds of fun and exciting activity. Please enjoy viewing our gallery to catch just a glimpse of what you can expect when you visit Ni Hao Sushi & Dining. We frequently host special events, and we always welcome large parties. From Fourth of July celebrations to intimate Mother’s Day dinners, Ni Hao Sushi & Dining is committed to your comfort and enjoyment. From our friendly and efficient staff, to a menu which we regularly update with exciting new offerings, the pictures here only begin to tell the story you’ll experience at Ni Hao Sushi & Dining. We hope to see you soon.

Ni Hao Sushi & Dining

Better Than A Sample

Hello, New Years is upon us all, we hope the very best will follow you throughout the coming year. We wish to thank all of you who have supported us. Running a business (Service / Food) is a workload when all the factors are taken in to account. Everyone is not the same and has a different expectations for the place of business that they visit. We are thankful that we have pleased so many thousands of our patrons. We have also experience patrons who were not please for some reason or another, and we have listen and made changes to accommodate their need, but we have also encounter individuals who couldn't be pleased regardless of how hard we tried to do so. Their measure of dissatisfaction was taken even further. It was last year I learned about 'SELFEES', well this year I learned about the 'SMB's” SOCIAL MEDIA BULLY. My experience has been that their not through with you by just being dissatisfied with your service or food or something else, but they have to further their instilled internal bitterness by acting as an expert in the food and beverage industry while playing the victim of some great wrong doing. I believe the answer is simple; they’re a new type/breed of bullies and they grew out of the Internet/Social Media. HENCE A "SOCIAL MEDIA BULLY".

For the Social Media Bully of today; their are media forums that allow their writings to be disseminated regardless of having no contract or contracts with these forums they choose to write their bitter false statements on, nor do these forums have to verify the integrity of the writings of anyone who writes on their forum. While on the other hand a business enterprise must have a minimum of 30 contracts to do business with all the government agencies and private business enterprises in existence, so that they may conduct a business in todays free market enterprise. All businesses in existence thereby have a steak in the game and take their business responsibilities very seriously while the Social Media Bully is void of any responsibility or contractual obligation to anyone. This is a loophole in integrity and accountability. Something like a person who does not have to pay attention to the speed limit while driving on the road.

The only answer as to why this loophole exist is that their is an opportunity for these forums to “make money” and not be accountable to the legality of the writers writing since they have no contracts with who ever writes for them on their website forum. It could be an 8 year old for all anyone knows. I would like to think that this is the last of what one could say about this matter, but it is not. The forum gets to choose what you see, just as the news you view is what the news media's wants to report. (One could ponder and think that what ever the commercials and advertisers pay more for to have that spot is what will be viewed or reported on the Web or TV). I once asked one of the forums why do I have 50 / 5 stars put into the hidden view, and the answer was they decide what they want to report and what they want to hide based on their companies view point. Like the present day news media does.

We at Ni Hao Sushi & Dining believe all of what we are should be viewable. By visiting our www.nihaosushi.com you can see all of what we are and all we have. We have taken the time to describe in detail and photograph over 100 Sushi Rolls and more. Our website is a door to who we are and what we have. Our complete menu and customer pledge is viewable and downloadable. Our marketing and activities are viewable, along with our online ordering site.

We at Ni Hao Sushi & Dining wish you and yours a very Happy New Years and a safe one. And again to all the many families and friends who dine with us and enjoyed our hard word and great food; thank you. We will continue to be a fine dining that serves great food and provide great service and plays beautiful music for all to hear and enjoy.

Ni Hao Sushi & Dining
Management & Staf

Anniversary Nov 16, 2014


Stir Fry Spicy Peppered Lobster

Tonkotsu Ramen Soup

Cocktails & New Drink Line "Added On".

Note: All New Drinks will have a 

"Alcohol Level of 24% or less, as required by

California Law under the guide lines and control 

of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control 

for business establishments carrying a Beer & Wine 



WILL BE 3:00 PM TO 9:00 PM


3. https://www.orderspoon.com/NIHAOSUSHIDINING/menu


    Introducing the "Hot Potato", a new sushi delight. It can be described as a potato that you can bite into and get a crunch with every bite.  Delicious it is with the "Bite of Spice" that tastes nice. In it you'll find spicy tuna, cream cheese, a tempura deep fried potato, our special spices, and special sauces. Right now we have it as our "Roll of the Day". Buy any 2 sushi rolls and get our "Roll of the Day" for 50% off during regular dining hours. We do not include the "Roll of the Day" during our 3 2 1 (Happy Hour) time frame, but we make up for it by giving a 15% discount on all sushi rolls purchased during 3 2 1 (Happy Hour).

3 2 1 Ni Hao Sushi Picnic Lunch Meal (50% Off / Saving)

How does are 3 2 1 Sushi Picnic work.

Buy One Roll and get 15% off.  The 3 in 3 2 1 means you can purchase the "Sushi Picnic Meal Package" for $3.00

Buy Two Rolls and get 15% off each of the Two Roll.  The 2 means you can get the "Sushi Picnic Meal" Package for $2.00

Buy Three Rolls and get 15% of each of the Three Rolls.  The 1 means you can get the "Sushi Picnic Meal Package" for $1.00

Their you have it "3 2 1 Sushi Picnic Lunch Meal Package"

When you get our 3-2-1 Sushi Picnic Lunch  Your getting 50% OFF (Saving)

Our 3 2 1 program is attached to a MEMBER BENIFIT PROGRAM.  

After  the purchase of 10 Rolls you get to chose between any Chef  & Regular, a "Free Sushi Roll" or get 2 each shaved ice (most delicious). NOTE:  After getting your "Free Sushi Roll" it turns your "True15%"  into a "True 25%" discount because the 11th Sushi Roll is given at  a "100" discount. 


How does the "Perka Loyalty App" work with "Ni Hao Sushi & Dining" member benefit program.  Just like our member benefit program keeps track of sushi rolls purchased up to 10 each, so does the the Perka Loyalty App does.  Each time 10 sushi rolls are recorded, a free delicious sushi is given to the customer who made the 10 purchases to earn our member benefit offering.  

     How do we record your loyalty SUSHI ROLL credits.

1.  When a family dines with us, we apply all the credits to the

     person in the family we are instructed to.

2.  When a couple dines with us, we apply all the credits to the


3.  When friends dine together, we apply the sushi roll credits to

     each friend that  buys a sushi roll.   We do not combine the credits in this scenario.

Our member benefit program (Perka loyalty program) is a special restaurant offering that is designed to reward families, couples and individuals for their patron loyalty by giving them credit for their personal sushi roll purchases at Ni Hao Sushi & Dining. 
It is also design to in essence give them a constant 10% discount on all sushi rolls purchase at Ni Hao Sushi & Dining. 

Our member benefit (loyalty program) can turn into a greater % discount credit when sushi rolls are purchased within our 3 2 1 Happy Hour time frame.  During this 3 2 1(Happy Hour) sushi rolls are given an up front 15% discount making a 25% discount price saving on our sushi rolls after purchasing 10 sushi rolls.