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Ni Hao Sushi & Dining
38029 47th St.
Suite B East
Palmdale, California
(661) 236-0000

Ni Hao Sushi & Dining


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About Us

Ni Hao Sushi & Dining proudly offers traditional favorites, as well, such as Ramen Soups and fresh seafood. Complete your culinary adventure with something sweet from our desert menu, like our Taiwanese ice cream, Japanese Mochi deserts, or chocolate mousse cake. At Ni Hao Sushi & Dining, you’ll love our friendly, efficient service just as much as our deliciously unique menu. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure your dining experience exceeds all expectations, and looks forward to exce, eding , yours.

Our Story…
Just as Ni Hao Sushi & Dining was preparing to open, our community found itself in the spotlight. Media outlets throughout the country were abuzz, as workers at the Port of Los Angeles discovered an emaciated kitten stowed away in a freight container after a long overseas voyage on a ship bound from China to California. With the kitten’s future uncertain, the story ended happily as the local animal shelter received an outpouring of more than 100 adoption requests.

                             The stowaway celebrity was named "Ni Hao", a Mandarin phrase often used as a friendly greeting.

In Asian culture, the cat is a symbol, frequently found at restaurants, which represents prosperity. It’s a traditional that goes back thousands of years and continues today. With our own restaurant set to open soon, we realized the kitten’s name, Ni Hao, would also be a great way to welcome guests. And so Ni Hao Sushi & Dining was born, welcoming you to an establishment where you’ll enjoy a fabulously unique atmosphere, and menu and a talented and dedicated staff.
Please continue browsing our website to see what our menus have to offer. You can view our gallery to check out all the exciting activity you’ll enjoy at Ni Hao Sushi & Dining. If there’s any way we can make your dining experience continue to exceed expectations, we’d love to hear any suggestions you might have. Thank you for visiting Ni Hao Sushi & Dining. We look forward to seeing you soon.